Shunpei Closer is below... well, slightly below average 7th grader. Until he found out his grandfather was the master of sorcery! Hyde, a gift from his grandpa, saved Closer from a sorcerer. But now sorcerers from around the world are after him! He meets new friends like Tatsumi Uryu, Shindo, Tomiko, and others! It turns out a sorcerer made a rumor about eating the beating heart of Closer will grant his power.


Shunpei Closer- The grandson of the master sorcerer. Was once a coward at first, but he grew more brave with Hyde. He learns spells like Catch and Release, Flight, and uses barrier stones. He is a good sorcerer

Hyde-Shunpei Closer's curse doll bought by Alsyd Closer at a wizard black market.Marco a young boy, owned hyde when his dad was in the war.With his curse TEXAS CHAINSAW he uses his curse to break the core of a curse doll.Tatsumi Uryu has a crush on him.

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Hyde and Closer

Shunpei-Left Hyde-Right

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